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Link your business directory is an Internet Marketing Company. We specialize in Business Listings, Online Auctions, E Commerce, Digital Marketing and SEO.

Many companies offer business listings – Link your business have taken it one stage further.

Membership allows businesses to create a business.

With this comes a business wall with a directory style listings, send messages, status management.

One of the most important factors for an  business on or off line is to receive ratings and feedback for you business, a high percentage of people always look to see what other people have to say about you before making a purchase.

Ratings are visible on your business wall for your clients to see, with rating stars and comments helping your business to grow.

Choosing the correct membership level is important.

Our full membership package enables members to publish special offers that you create, become a vendor and market your products with your own shop making the E Commerce experience a breeze.

Every member automatically has their own complete booking and appointment system built into your account, making it easy to manage appointments and allow customers to book your services directly.

Login to your account anywhere in the world to keep track of your bookings online.


Membership allows any business to run their own business auctions, This comes with our full membership package.

Consider auctioning a product or a virtual service, a great way to sell surplus stock old or new.

Become a member today and get all the benefits from all these services with only website to visit.

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