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first of all we are an Internet Marketing Company, who specialise in E Commerce & Digital Marketing.

Business Directory – Link your business is different

Many companies offer business listings – we have taken it one stage further. We have a portal much like Facebook, sending message updating statuses.

This is a great idea, but  having a place where you can publish offers, and put products on line with your very own shop – this costs hundreds of pounds right?

Wrong sign up today and get all these benefits for the cost of Full membership. There are other memberships available.

If that’s not enough to entice you, Why not run your very own auctions. Run more than one, pay a small commission, the rest is yours.

Please feel free to look at our other membership levels here

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Business directory – Link your business directory, offers business listings to businesses. Showcase your business also receive comments in addition to feedback from your customers. This is especially relevant when marketing your business, because putting a marketing strategy together is easier when you as a business know what the customer wants.

You can upload pictures send messages, add special offers. in addition to this you can sell from the business portal. Share your updates with the world. Also share new information and update your clients and followers with your latest news while building a rather large client database just like Facebook ..

Choose your membership level, sell your products directly from our website. You can manage your own shop, add links also exchange messages with your followers from your own wall. The beauty is finally this is all one place.

Free Auctions  It’s time to get the most from your full membership.We have introduced a way you can manage your own auctions, With customers you have built through your business wall, you altrady have a customer base to auction your products. Why not auction a service or a product.