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There are four ways that you can create a free business listing on Link Your Business free listings Directory. We offer free business listings for companies, you choose the level of exposure that you require.

 Why should I advertise my company here?

Limited time introductory offer, only £24.99 per annum. Click here to create a Standard Listing for your company.

1. Premium Listings - £39.99 per annum - NEW LOW PRICE!

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Premium listings always appear at the very top of the page above Enhanced Listings to give your business maximum value and exposure. You are not required to link back to us with Premium Listings and we guarantee to add your listing within 3 days.

A Premium Listing includes:

  • Your company name
  • Postal Address phone & fax
  • Up to 100 words of information
  • Hyperlink to your website
  • Map location
  • Reviews
  • Multiple categories 
  • PDF Documents
  • Email a Friend
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Website screenshot
  • Free Stats
  • And more....
  • Compare Memberships here

We can offer significant discounts on bulk listing packages if you would like to list your company on multiple pages or list multiple companies. Please contact us for details of bulk listing packages.

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2. Enhanced Listings - £19.99 per annum 

NEW Low price Featured Listings just £59.99 per annum, was £74.99. Click here to create a Featured Listing for your company.

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Enhanced Listings are displayed in random order and positioned above Free Listings but below Premium Listings. By purchasing an Enhanced Listing, we guarantee to add your listing within 7 days and you do not need to link back to us from your own web site.

An Enhanced Listing includes:

  • Your company name
  • Postal address and telephone number
  • Company logo
  • Hyperlink to your website
  • 75 words of information
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Classified Advertising
  • And more...
  • Compare Memberships here

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3. FREE Listings

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Free Listings are displayed in random order and positioned at the very bottom of the page below Premium Listings and Enhanced Listings. With Free Listings you MUST link back to us using the HTML code we supply when you create your listing. Due to the sheer volume of requests, Free Listings may take up toa month to review and add to our website.

A Free Listing includes:

  • Your company name
  • Up to 35 words of information
  • A text hyperlink to your website
  • And more...
  • Compare Memberships here

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4. Banner Advertising - POA

There are four sizes of banner adverts available on Link Your Business Directory in varying positions. Each differs in price depending on the number of pages you wish to appear on and whether or not you want exclusivity i.e. only your banner will appear. Suitable banner formats include .gif, .jpg and .swf.

If you do not already have a banner advert for your company, our design team will be happy to create a banner advert tailored to suit your needs.

1. Traditional Banner - 468 x 60px - appears in the top border of our website, next to our logo
2. SideBox Banner - 160 x 600px - appears on the left hand side of each page
3. Category Banner - 728 x 90px - appears at the top of each category page
4. Homepage Mini Banner - 160 x 180px (approx) - appears on the left hand side of our homepage

*Contact us for more information on Banner Advertising



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